Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The BIG 3 - Oh!

So it happened, I turned 30. I think it is funny how all the "normal" people I know keep saying, "So how does it feel to be 30?" and following it with, "Doesn't it suck." All I can think is it is pretty great to be able to say I am 30. I guess that is a huge difference between the folks that grow up expecting to live to a ripe old age, for those that can't count on reaching retirement every year you are able to celebrate is refreshing.

The weekend was great! Had a wonderful get together with friends and family, and got to relax just as I always like to try and do on my days off. I got a painting by Adam Brett (www.adambrettart.com) from Paul for my birthday, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The worst part though is that I want another one and so does Paul and they aren't exactly cheap. Who knows maybe I can save up and surprise him for Christmas or something.

I have been trying to gear back up for classes to start in a little over a month. I am in the process of getting things set up because with my new found health issues I determined that it really isn't in my best interest to go to school AND work, being that right now going to school is more important to me than work I have decided to quit my job in the coming weeks. I am going to focus on classes this fall, taking at least 4 maybe 5, and then look for a part time job come January 2013. This way I can stay on pace to graduate Spring of 2014. It will be umpteen years in the making, but I think I may graduate eventually. :)

As for my medical stuff well ... it is going. I feel like every time I get ahead something happens to set me back again. My lung function has stabilized for the time being, so the Chronic Rejection seems to be under control. Unfortunately though it is an ongoing battle with my blood pressure, kidney function and   diabetes. The diabetes is getting better week by week and my A1C is lowering. Unfortunately though with any slight medication change my kidney function seems to go cray. I sometimes wish I could just go in and request a new kidney. As much as I say that joking I am kind of not. it would be nice if I could get a new kidney so I didn't have to chug water like it's going out of style and get lab work done to check my kidney function about every other day. One of my friends made the comment that she was on too much medication to be 27. My response was no joke - I am on too much to be 30. Most recently I have been taking meds for a CMV infection, but overall I am doing okay. I am stable and there are times when stable is not only acceptable but a positive thing.

A little funny haha - when you are standing at the pharmacy and you hear an old man talk about how he is at the pharmacy too much only to have the clerk call you to the register by name and ask how your week is going. It makes me laugh because the old man looked at me like I had no clue what it was like to spend time at the pharmacy when I nodded, laughed and said, " no kidding, me too."

Regardless of age - I spend too much time at the pharmacy :) but I am looking forward to the next decade and seeing how much trouble I can get into, AND how much time I can waste at the pharmacy :). So guess what 30s - you better brace yourself cause I have arrived :).

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