Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In the News

So I was contacted about 1 month or a month and a half ago about doing an interview with someone at the Florida Times Union. It was something that I was hesitant to do, but decided what could it hurt. I could get the word out about some fundraising events that we were going to be planning and I could get the word out about the importance of Organ Donation and Transplantation. I did the interview and almost crawled out of my skin when I was told they needed a picture before they would do the article. It took a few weeks to get everything set up for a picture but I will be honest the article is really nicely written and the picture was well done too.

Overall I think the article was great and I have gotten a lot of great feedback from it via coworkers, friends, and complete strangers. I just wish there was a way to make people aware of the stories of some of my other friends. I told my mom yesterday that it is moving to me the way people reach out to me when stories come out about me or my experience, but there are so many people that I know that could use the love too that I just want to say "Hey can you mention "so and so" or "so and so"," It just doesn't happen that way unfortunately.

I am humbled everyday by my experiences, pushed to do more than I do or more than I have thought possible. I am looking forward to a month from now when I am not working and only attending classes at UNF. I have struggled to maintain my attendance AND my work schedule with the increase in medical appointments and the more frequent hospital visits in the past 6 months. I made the decision that I would not be able to maintain taking care of myself the best way possible if I was working and attending classes come the end of August. I have decided to stop working for the semester and attend school full time. I am so looking forward to this, and being able to get back to what is really important (classes and exercise). I have gone to the gym so sporadically in the past year because of the lack of time and energy after doing everything I have to do. Time is ticking down, and I will be turning in my resignation in a few days and leaving August 14th. Mixed feelings but hopefully come January I will be looking for work again and rejoining the work force.

*raises glass* Here is to the next chapter of my life ... welcome to 30 and yet more (even though possibly minor) life changes :)

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